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About Us

Zhach started drinking coffee when he was young. He would wake up bright and early to enjoy a cup of joe with his parents every morning before school. He went through his young life with coffee in hand. He learned so many tips and tricks through his young adult life through trial and error, making many new friends along the way! Zhach wants to share his tips and tricks with you - and hopefully make a new friend.

Zhach and 3 of his friends (Aparna, Ben, and Molly) got together to make this company with two important goals:

  1. Bring people together
  2. Bring coffee brews to the next level

Everyone starts their coffee journey differently. Some start with their parents, some start with their coworkers, some start at the end of a coffee shop line, and some never start at all. What we want to provide is a comforting front door, inviting people in to enjoy the wonders of coffee! We will walk you through the flavor maze that is coffee and teach you how to navigate it.

However you started your journey, our goal is to empower you to enhance your coffee experience. We will give you the tools to understand and navigate the world of coffee flavors and roasts, so you can enjoy a cup wherever you are, with whoever you’re with.

We serve coffee that is Roasted by us, Brewed by you.