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What do I need to brew coffee?

The big question, “How do I start drinking coffee at home?” Quite a loaded question because coffee brewing at home can get very complicated. However, I will give you the essentials to easily start your coffee home brewing journey!

You are going to need three things:

  1. Coffee
  2. Hot water
  3. Brewer

Step one, coffee! You obviously need coffee beans to make coffee. And with our coffee, you have a wide variety of beans to choose from! If you are new to coffee, I would suggest our Alto blend. A nice, middle of the road, coffee that is not too fruity, not too chocolatey, and gives you a nice start toward your flavor preference. 

What about whole bean or ground coffee? What’s the difference? Ground coffee is just whole bean coffee pre-ground at the roasters. It helps the brewer save time at home, but when you grind coffee beans, it quickly starts losing flavor. So starting off, make sure you buy beans that are freshly ground.

Step two, hot water. To extract all the flavors from your coffee, you need hot water to get all those tasty compounds out. However you can get water to be hot, you can use: a pot and a stove, a kettle, a campfire, a microwave, etc. As long as you can get your water boiling, you’re good!


Finally, a brewer. A brewer has two functions: to hold the coffee and water while brewing and to filter out the grounds. There are many brewers out there. There’s a V60, an espresso machine, an aeropress, a chemex, coffee drop machine, and many others. But the easiest brewer to start with is a french press.

It’s basically just a carafe to hold the coffee and water. Once it’s done brewing, you can just push down the filter to push all the coffee grounds to the bottom. And then you can pour yourself a cup of coffee!

You now have everything you need to start making coffee. You can follow our basic brewing guide to start making your own coffee. 

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