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How Do We Roast?

A common question many people ask is, “how does coffee roasting work?” “What, specifically, do you do to make coffee taste like coffee?” “Why does one coffee taste so different from another?” Coffee Roasting is a pretty large subject but can be boiled down to 2 things:

  1. Getting “Green Beans”
  2. Roasting

Green Beans

Many think that coffee is grown in that dark brown color or is roasted in the country it was grown in. While the latter is true in a few cases, it’s much more common for roasters to buy “green beans” from farms directly or through coffee distributors across the globe and roast it themselves.

A “green bean” is just the coffee seed that was extracted from the coffee cherry.

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The coffee bean can be extracted from the cherry in a variety of ways, but the final product that is sold from the farms across the are dry, green, unroasted coffee beans. And the flavors that come from these beans can change based on the soil of the area, the country they live in, and how the bean was extracted from the cherry!

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Taking a “green” coffee bean to a roasted coffee bean is what we do at Stratus Roasters and other roasters around the world. The raw green bean doesn’t have a great flavor; it tastes like grass and is as hard as a rock. Roasting the bean is very similar to baking or cooking. The chemical reactions when heat is applied to food creates many different flavors that may not have been there before. Our goal is to create and highlight a variety of flavors that can arise from roasting coffee. 

Many roasters, including Stratus, use these large machines to slowly and methodically heat the coffee to a specific temperature. The ending temperature, how well you slowly heated the bean, and how quickly you cool the bean after it's roasted all affects the flavors of the final product.

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And the final product is a flavorful, fresh bag of coffee beans ready to be ground, brewed, and enjoyed on a bright early morning!

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